Thursday, 29 December 2011

Daddys Gone

She walked up to him brushed her hand along his arm
leaned over and whispered in his ear
your the one for me dear
I want you to stay close
I want you to stay near

He gave her a loving stare back
he told her that every little thing she does
Makes his world exciting and new
As she flicked her hair across her neck

She couldnt take her eyes off of him
There was the love of her life stairing at her with a smile a silly grin
As silence broke the moment  as if caught up in time
He knew someday he would marry her
And all in life would be fine

This moment they didnt take for granted
They made the most of what they had
Before he was to go and fight for his country
Her freedom and that of the unborn childs dad

Little did they know of this
only time would tell of this tale
When he was at war
she was gone to far
The child would be born before then

As she sent off letters to him to tell him of his child
a telegram came to silence her
The news was bad inside
She held her baby near and whispered in his ear

Your daddys gone been killed by a bomb
What will we do now
Oh what can be done
Dear baby you are your daddys son

 A picture was all she had left
She pinned it to the babies cot
As tears trickled down her face
She remembered their first dating place

As she walked up to him brushed her hand along his arm
As he leaned over and whispered in his ear
His words to her your the one for me dear
I want you to stay close
I want you to stay near

The Dark Knight

I hear the sound of footsteps
No one is behind me
The whistling of the wind
Tares branches from the  trees

Water flows by me
As i walk along this lonely pathway
Something runs past me
Phew ! its only a black cat

Maybe it will bring me good luck
I think to myself
As i look across the field
I'm amazed at the beauty beneath it

The hills almost hit the sky
The sand is piled high
grass grows over the dirt underneath
the ends of it look like a large wreath

The tales are told of a man coming from this place
He rides the black horse over the river
When he comes with his cry
This is something you wont want to hear

But have i ever seen him no not i
Would i ever want to
I wouldnt i reply
So i wonder in amazement

At this pile of hills touching the midnight sky
The man of the night whips his wild horse with delight
He throws himself back as he whips the horses back
His long black coat pulls along over the river tracks

I look to the river its calm and its quiet
Not a whisper or noise
The horseman has lost his fight
He is resting for now
But someday somehow
He will wake up again
And wonder along the hills up high

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

In my Dreams

The wind it blows me to my knees
I walk against it with a force of me
I cant stop it from doing what it wants
Its too strong for poor little me

A shelter of a coat is thrown around
My body
I feel no more cold
The good stranger
Helped me in my hour of need

I look up at this tall dark figure
Looks back down on me
Thank you for your help
Your welcome with a smile

As i run in to the arch doorway
He stands there in the middle of the road
I turn to see him one last time
But he has disappeared
This shocks me where has he gone?

No one else has seen this man
I begin to wonder why ?
was it a figment of my imagination?
where is this man i sigh ?

As i lay asleep in my bed
My dreams are replaced with images
Of this day i have had
He is so real in my thoughts and mind

I relive this day as if i had never done before
Then comes a knock to my bedroom door
I wake up shocked scared who could it be?
Then comes a voice its only ME

I suddenly wake up from this dream
With my heart beaten strong
And look at the picture on my bedside locker
Of my husband who here no longer

He came to me in my dreams
Leting me know i would be safe
I dont worry or cry
I pray and kiss his picture
Now i know he is here with me
I love him and wish him well

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Dont go Yet

This is where it falls
This is how we find ourselves
Lay me on the brown crushed leaves
On the scathered soil

As the sunshine beams through
the darkness of the woods
The blanket of its arms
Cover me from head to toe

It protects me from the falling snow
I wouldnt mind i have no where else to go
This is my home for tonight maybe
I could get used to the shelter of the trees

The bright sky turns to dark
There is a beautiful twinkling of the stars
As a mere lightly lined cloud
 hovers over these stars

The moon smiles at me
and gives me a wink
I smile back at him and bid him goodnite
I pray for a safe and protected night

Then as i turn to close my eyes
I hear a sudden noise
I wonder what it could be
I turn to and to my surprise

Is a image that i havent seen
 for a very long time
The inner little side of me
The lonely lost man

I talk with him for awhile
He assures me i will be alright in the morning
That my head will sorted
Not rattled and torn

But i do not wake up
As i look down at me
I shout and i roar
But he doesnt hear me

Look at me i say
As i try to wake him up
Then i whisper in his ear
That your time is not up

So as he awakes finally from his sleep
He knows he has been visited by his other side of me

Our Special Place

Where are you now
Where have you gone
You went away a long time ago
You were no where to be found

As i close my eyes
that are full of tears
I some how wish i
could turn back the years

We had some fun
We had a blast
Love like this
could not possibly last

If you were here
What would you say
I wonder what you done
The last time you came this way

This is our place
Where no one else goes
Keep it to yourself
Dont share it with her

I wish as time passes by
That i had more time with you
Why did you have to go
Where are you now

I need you dont you know
My heart is bleeding
I beg you to come back
I need you close
Your the one that got away
The one i miss the most

I will come here everyday
I no you will return and not go away
I see the mark you left on this tree
It is there to remind you of me

So as i wait for you to come back
Another piece of writing i will add to the bark
And as the sap seeps from it
The stars that fill the sky will keep it lit

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The boy who caught my eye

Lay here on the river bank
The sun it beams down on me
I forget about everything
I even forget to run home for my tea

But the days are long and warm
And the water is cool and fresh
I can feel the flies having a feast
Eating away here on my flesh

I hush them away
So they go on their merry way
God i think to myself
How i love days like this to relax

This is where i come to think
This special place it's grassy banks
are like a huge sink
Swimming in the water
staring up at the clouds go by

Theres not a single sound or noise
not even the sound of a car
The bitting of the minnow
They nip on my tiny toes

The smell of the wild flowers
It reminds me of my grandmothers rose
as i sit and watch in amazement
of the land surrounding me

The young farmers son comes walking by
He tries to ignore me
I pretend i cannot see him
tough im looking through the corner of my eye

Then all of a sudden a wasp comes after me
He shoots down from the sky
This boy of who i do not know
Comes to rescue me

But as i run to get away
He gets stung by a bee
So now the roles are reversed
And i run to him

I suppose i need to help him out
As i stand over him with a silly grin
I call out to his father to come to get his boy
I can tell you this boy is mortified
this embarressment  brings him no joy

His father helps him home
The vinger comes out
the boy turns to his mother and says
Please escort her out

The nerve of him i think to myself
For telling me to go
Sure he is only a stupid boy
Sure what would he even know

As i turn to walk away from the house
He screams the place down
I laugh to myself when i think of it
I couldnt help but run back in and have abit of a skit

He wouldnt talk to me for several days
He made me suffer well
but now at least we have some memories
And some stories to tell

Since we married several years gone by
We remember that day well
It seems fate had our future together
mapped out really well


I sit here on the swing
My heart it falls down low
M y mind begins to wander
I dont know where to go

I feel so empty and isolated
Theres no one there for me
The world is on my shoulders
I look down at my scratched and torn knees

These marks are from where i fell
The puddle stopped me
It caught me well
Running back from the neighbours
The lightening filled the the whole of the house

But now its cleared up
But my mind had not
My eyes are filled with sadness
My head has lost the plot

I sing to forget the emotions
That are running all through me
And hope and pray for a better day
Than this one i would gladly wish it away

These questions fill my head
Will life improve with age
Or will i continue to be captured
Like a bird in a cage

But i know this cant be true
I am no animal in a zoo
I will someday grow and blossom
And be glad of what i knew

So as my feet scrape the dirt on the ground
The birds have filled their nests
my head is clear the moon is there
The cold is biting me
Mothers shouting out come in out of the cold

I am sitting in my armchair now
These are distant memories
I am now old
A story told

Monday, 19 December 2011

Conversation understanding

Sun sets it's beams between the tree
Rays of light hit the ground
so softly
Leaves hang below the branches down low
Scorched grass meadow no rain no snow

Stillness fills ones busy mind
with the calm of a quiet forest
 humbling all that enter
As silence falls upon the quiet
let there be nothing but nature itself

Serenity is of our making nature is always calm pure and complete.
 One must want to see the beauty.
The fist good is the toughest to find.
Let the ocean wash me clean of myself
and bring me to a truth that is greater than we.

As my branches clutch the stems of the breathless land
fill me full of sun light to survive distruction of mans hand
My light reaches to hit the heart of the yearning forest trees
Let natural life create itself below my sun beams

Walk in peace and peace will walk with you.
Abandon your self to something greater than our own
perception of a prioritization system
that is not applicable to the forest or the sky or the ocean.
 Nature will prioritize our minds.
Only humans can make things that are not so.

Let nature and nurture combine into you
let socialization help us too
As our fathers and mothers of the past have learned
Let the land teach us everything
Its beauty astounding

Feed the good but dont be afraid to destroy the bad.
The skill is in knowing what is good and what is bad.
Harmony with nature demonstrates what is good.
There can be no doubt.

 Be your own explorer , inventor an progressor
Do not fall to the weak who are bad
Rise above the hatred and hold your head high
We all owe it to ourselves to florish like nature itself

The tiger the bear the crocodile the elephant
the rattler hunt in the absence of malace.
Their power is limited by their need to survive.
They only exhibit pure power.
 When they falter they die with dignity.
To wield the sword of power in the human world
takes much maturity and clarity of purpose.
 I am no longer afraid.

we all have our own personal fight
and when we loose our strenght within ourselves
this gives our hearts and minds no purpose
 so as we are of animal instinct we will stand on our own
willingness to fight until
we falter on our last breath one last sigh

Friday, 16 December 2011

A Broken Man

Rain is falling
Thunder roars through the air
Lightening flashes through the sky like a glowing orb
Make me feel safe take me from the curb

I lay here on the street alone
No shelter to cover my tired old soul
No home to go to, no place to call my own
Give me some hope and prosperity

Give me a chance to be who i used to be
I havent always lived this life
I once had a family and a wife
But life changes so suddenly

I wish i could change the past you see
I look on as people pass by
No even a hello or a goodbye
I'm down in the gutter brushed from society

Who wants to know me
Who wants to talk to me
I see a reflection of myself in a puddle
I ask myself how did i get myself into this muddle

Given a chance i know i could change
That seems so funny seems very strange
I want to take charge control of my life
I want to be the man i was
A father and husband to my wife

Hidden Away

Cabin in the forest
all dusty and empty
Who lives in there
do you wander the floor
do you ever go outside the door

why when i call out
dont you answer me
surely your not that shy
who can you be

Theres someone in there
 i leave food by the steps
the leaves have been swept off
 the railings and shelves

Will you be okay on your own tonight ?
will you be scared and lonely?
In the dark or the light
As i turn to walk away

The curtain turns back
i can barely see you
But i think you want me to come back
As i keep walking and taking my steps

you open the door and show yourself
Your image is that of a lonely lady
why are you here all on your own
Your clothes are tattered old and worn

You reach out to me for help
I see that you want me to know
That your ready now
dont want me to go

I walk up and hold onto you
we sit and talk about what has happened
your whole life through
Your life has been hard

You have chosen this card
Of opening up and letting someone in
Your smiling now
Not living a sin

You didnt deserve your isolation
you didnt deserve a life of complication
Just know now you have a friend for ever
Dont be a stranger i will be here for you no matter what
I'm glad i met you the lady of the cabin hut

Distance Between Us

Calling out to you
where are you now
wish i knew some how
how to contact you
we really miss not been able to talk
Or wander off for a walk

When we lost contact
its was like been shot in the heart
the distance between us
made our heads tear apart

We didnt know if you were alive or dead
These horrible thoughts ran through our minds
as we lay down at night in our cosy beds
Where is he father would ask

No answers for him no reply to give
His eyes were empty with tears fought back
Poor mother we thought she would crack
As time passed by still no sign of you

Then came that wonderful call a number and all
There you were on the other end my brother my friend
I was so annoyed upset at you
But no matter how angry i felt
Hearing your voice made my heart feel warm
The upset and tormented me began to melt

So now i know your safe and well
Dont be a stranger dont wish us another farewell
We will keep you near and dear in our minds
We will keep in touch until we see you again
mind yourself brother stay healthy and well

Hardship Unknown

We sit amongst the cold damp walls
We have little food no heat
no socks or shoes
To cover our worn out feet

The bread thats on the wood chipped table
is black and mouldy
my bed ressembles that of a cattle stable
I lay my head i'm tired not able to move not able

No work no hope no where to go
The snow is thick on the ground flat floor
When we breath we see the mist from our breath
we are cold and hungry we will not sweat

School education what is that?
We dont get to go
We have to work out flat
The pain in my bones
is cutting to my skin
But i will continue my burden
with a smile and a grin

Times i wish that i could be someone else
But would i be any better
would i be writing this letter
As i  sit here in candle light
writing out my thoughts
The scenery around me makes me forget all i fought

I have love in my heart and it beats very strong
The family i have is where i belong
I'm sure things will pick up and the weather will soften
This hardship i have encountered
Hopefully wont effect my future to often

I will lay down now to sleep for the night
And as morning will break hopefully there will be some help and some light

Thursday, 15 December 2011


I have done all i can to proove myself to you
I do everything i can just to please the few
But i'am tired of been stuck to you like glue
I need to breath, to find myself
I'am not some old tatterd book
Hidden away on a shelf

Open me up and see who i'am
Let me show you what i'am made of
Then you will understand
My layers are full of hopes and dreams
my mind feels like it has been pushed to the extreme

If i could say what i feel inside
My hidden emotions
my words left unspoken
My want to connect
But all you do is correct

The walls of the house
replace the frameworks of my mind
I push them back to the place i do not hide
A smile and a nod is all i have left
You have broken me down
All i can do is frown

Your gone now
i'am here on my own
Can't be like the others
I roam my life alone
I never can speak i'am to fragile and weak
You broke me down
You replaced my life and smile with a frown
You dragged me down

Morning to Night

The dew is upon the ground
There isn't even a single sound
The cold has pushed the birds
into their nests
But not the robin red breast

He sits there upon his branch
and watches all around him
With his little eyes fixed in a glance

The morning is starting to come alive
The sun is seting in the sky
Clouds break away , make room for sunshine
Birds take flight, dogs bark, cats fight

The postman pushes letters through the door
CLAP CLAP goes the latch upon the door
Smell of toast burning
The coffee and the tea
Children geting ready for school
But not old nanny

There it is silence once more
All the madness mayhem
Clothes threw across the floor
The machine is hopping around the place
Looking in the mirror
Forgot to wash my face

Clothes are blowing on the washing line
Floors are shinning
Husband is whinning

Any chance of a cuppa tea?
Some toast maybe ? one sugar or two ?
She turns and says you may wait and see
That man is making a fool out of me

The smile on her face
says it all, she will look after him
He won't let her stall

House work done
Time to relax
He jumps out of the chair
He was forgeting to pay the tax
But he won't budge to pay it

He gives her a smile
Will you do that for me
of course she will, sure what else has she to do
only everything she thinks to herself
I wonder is there a cure for lazyness

So she hands him the brush
And asks him to sweep
The look in his eyes
He had a look on his face like he was going to weep

The thoughts of cleaning
made him feel really sick
But she was fed up of him taking the mick

So the door bangs behind her
As the brush hits the floor
And he doesn't take advantage
oh not anymore

The time passes by
it is tme for our beds
And we will do it all again tomorow
But he can do it
She is resting her head

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Dragon Heart

Little Dragon by the sea shore
WHY DON'T  you come to see me anymore?
i wait and wait but your no where to be seen
Are you really there? or just a dream

I was walking along with my mum and dad
I remember feeling very sad
i cant recall why i looked out to sea
There you were staring right at me

The waves moved you closer and closer to me
My heart nearly stopped with excitment
It also made me feel a little scary
I stopped in my footsteps
they disappeared in the sand
you were right there in front of me
There up on the strand

My eyes dryed up and my sadness turned away
you changed my life forever
on that particular day
for you to come back
you understand and listen to me
and never judge me or give me any flack

I see you in my dreams and thoughts
Your always on my mind
But as im geting older now
your disappearing into the back of my head
so rest easy Dragon Boy
My heart is full of steel
I'm STRONGER now because of you
I know you are so real

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Christmas Rush

Yes it is that time of year
When all around are happy and full of cheer
Christmas is upon us
We are mad to buy
 A special something for that little girl or little boy

We rush through the shops
like never before
We almost take the hindges
off the door

We look for bargains its in our blood
To get what we need because we should
We wrap and lable so carefully
Racing sround like busy bees

Get the last minute shoping
Before its to late
run to the postman
whos closing the gate

hang cards and decorations
 all around us with delight
The small children cant wait
to turn on the christmas lights

We will sit down together
 and eat at will
All lights on dont worry
about the electricity bill

We are all together united as one
eaten and been merry
having some fun
We will enjoy this occasion as intended you see
Thats what its all about
To you and to me

As night Time falls

As night falls fast
And the days close in
The light turns to glimmer switched lights
Of houses lit, warm and people crammed within

The traffic passes we hear the noise
The childrens laughter
The boustress boys
Having a laugh with their friends and a chat

Cold hands are covered by warm gloves
Head is kept heated by a wolly hat
the cold is too much
even for the the local cat

We shelter from the wind and rain
We warm ourselves
and look out at the snow flakes fall
No children playing no noise of the ball

Now that the ground is covered in snow
We will watch on looking at our children play, progress and grow
the glistening of the sparkle shines
the happiness of our hearts and minds

Sunday, 11 December 2011

You have Gok the Look

Christmas is almost here
everyone is full of the holiday cheer
We may go out and have a few beers
go down the shops and buy some of Gokwans clothing gear

No matter what your body shape
His clothing will fit you perfect
No need to walk away disappointed
or try to escape for he had imagined every womans excitement

Of going out to buy something new
He doesnt want you to be upset or feel so blue
So when you put on his magic clothes
stand in front of the mirror be glad to pose

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Love Me like Before

I cant wait anymore
I cant ignore
The silence in the room
I try and talk to you
I try to explore
What is on your mind
You turn towards the wall
Leaving me standing looking at my sadness in the mirror in the hall

There are obstacles in our way
There is unhappiness
Our hearts are torn
Their in disaray

As my makeup runs down my skin
You shuffle around the room
and throw back a mouthful of gin
Your footsteps are heavy and empty
Your mind is racing
with thoughts a plenty

Im sitting in a helpless heap
Surrounded by pain which cuts to deep
Hands cover my worn out eyes
tears drip down
Washing away my old disguise

Life can change in a heartbeat
The way our words can over heat
We sit down we explore
We are talking through a closed up door
I can almost feel your hand touch mine
We will fogive and forget this night in time

As i wait for you to come through the door
Hold me and love me like you did before

Monday, 5 December 2011
The Holy Angels day care centre is a day care centre for children with special needs. It helps children with Autism, Spina Bifida, downes syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Microchephaly, cornelea de longe, lissenchepaly and metachromatic leucodystraphy among many other conditions. Wea re always on the look...
As I sat in a packed pub last week, having a pint, minding my own business. I felt someone touch me from behind, at first I thought it was someone brushing past going to the bar, but then I felt a soft hand slide up my back, it came round my shoulder and felt for my buttons. I thought " This should be good" Then the ot ... her hand came round my waist, soft as silk, my buttons were undone, slowly, one by one. I never looked round but could smell expensive perfume, and the soft touch said it all. As the last button was undone I turned to face this mysterous person.................It was Enda Kenny trying to take the shirt off my back......

Thursday, 24 November 2011

A piece from my story more to come

There it is a familiar smell always reminds me of nanny’s house lavender as I browse around the shop.  How she loved lavender reminded her of days gone by and now it had me in its grasp memories.  I loved to visit nannies house what little girl doesn’t only thing is my time was precious but I didn’t know sure what do we know at this age all of 3 half years now. Pictures bring her face to my thoughts I could have well forgot what she looked like only for their existence. She wore her silky grey hair to the side in a delicate manner hair clip held it in its place all of one. Her face was the most gentle I have laid my eyes on and her voice was as soft and well spoken for someone of her time. She was wise and caring and there for all that needed her but never for herself, so selfless she put everyone else first herself last. Her apron was a floral design one of many swear they all looked the same to me at this stage.  I never inherited that trait thank god although would save the splashes if I had the sense to wear one. Nanny loved her garden and chickens. She grew primroses and roses they were her pride and joy she tended to them with great care. The chickens daren’t go near the flower garden or granddads vegetables or they would be the meal of the day with no explanations needed. Another smell has driven my senses mad what it is ah as I investigate further apple pie another of nanny’s favourites. This bakery is great may get an apple pie to have with my tea later. Nanny was a great cook and even better at baking a talent not every woman can share or be taught. Her soda bread would drive you mad she would leave it wrapped in a tea towel on the window sill and watch it with a keen eye for any intruders. Granddad would cheer fully whisper to nanny choppers will be at it if she was here. Stop now Tom goes nanny laughing to herself with a giggle. whinzy was a little old lady who lived near by. The lips were always going habit probably but go faster at the sight of food how this entertained us. We would have our own bit of fun got great mileage out of her not that she ever noticed taught something of herself this one she wasn’t long been shown she was just like the rest of us , struggling to get through life like us all . 

Friday, 18 November 2011

Never give Up

Silence has broken
Her lips have spoken
Of the hurt and pain
The man she trusted
To protect her
has hurt her once again

She remembers how he told her he would never go away
He would never ever leave her
He would never walk away

As she turns to him to see where he is gone
The tears flow from her eyes
and her heart strings are pulled along
As he walks out the door she cant believe
Whats going on

The door has slammed shut the car has drove away
No one here to share her life
She feels isolated in her pain and sadness
Feels so all alone

She lays herself on the floor
Distraught and torn
Her head feels like is spinning around and around
Her feet touching against
The cold cold ground

She turns to friends and family
Who do their best to understand
what she is going through
They kindly lend a hand

She goes back to work
Struggles through her day
As he watches her pull herself together
He approches her and asks her out for a drink
At first she declines his offer

She asks him why he is bothered with her
He turns and says in a gentle voice

The guy that broke your heart
Is stupid to of done so
Stick with me and i will protect you and love you the way that you deserve
I will never ever hurt you
I will treat you with respect

And someday we may marry and have a family
And lots and lots of memories
And nights like this
You dont have to worry
You will be Alright , lets dance and enjoy this night.

Whispers of the Night


Walking along the sand
In the cold and the rain
Feeling the wind brushing beneath us
Winters here once again

We wrap up warm
Ready for the storm
As the waves crash against our feet
Holding hands we are complete

You turn and smile
Were both staring out to the sea
your loving eyes
Tenderly caressing me

Hand in Hand we walk together
Not just for now but forever

Thursday, 17 November 2011


Eyes are the camera to the soul
Speech is the voice of our thoughts
Listening is the sound of our communication
Touch is the feeling of texture
Taste is the smells and colours
Emotions are the windows of our hearts

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

My Last Goodbye


When i have close my eyes
And silence finally falls
The tears that come from your heart
I do wish for them to dry up
Please do not stop living
All that you have done wrong
Is forgiving
I will never forget you
And the things that you do
The time we had together
Will stay with me forever
As you lay me into the ground
I wont hear a sound
lay flowers on my grave
and print on the stone
Go live life to the fullest
I will be fine here on my own
Remember me when times are hard
I will watch over you love
I have left you a card
It reads of our life and time together
All of the good and the stormy weather
We never got to make it up the aisle
But we got to share each others smile
Hand in hand our footprints will stay
In each others lives
Until we are together some day

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Man in the Room

As your cigarette ash hit the tray
you touch me with one look
I catch you stare away
The smile upon your face
As we sit in this place
fills me with excitement
I hope your not yet another disappointment

The smooth talk coming from your lips
Your perfect nails on your finger tips
Clean shaving neath hair
nice clothes you wear
your too good to be true
It just seems so rare

To Find someone whos ticks all the boxes
Who seems to have it all whos on the ball
Are you my mystery man ? Or are you too good to be true ?
Do i see whose in front of me?  Is it the real you?

We may just explore our path and come what will be
I will be open with you if you are with me

Emptyness Fills my Heart

Eyes are crying
Head is sore
Please please dont slam the door
When you walk out , i wont hear you shout

I turn to see are you walking back in
No sign of you and your silly grin
I think i need you how foolish am I
To need someone whos ignorant and likes to lie

I used to feel alive and happy inside
But all i feel now
Is betrayed and lyed to
What have i done to deserve this

You've left me with nothing
but hatred and one last kiss
Its easy to walk out and never come back
The times i felt like doing it , when you gave me no reason to stay

I shall cry for your absence
now that your gone
farewell to you my sweetheart
go where ever you belong

My shoulders feel lighter
More than ever before
I dont wait anymore
For you to walk through the door

I hold our baby close
I tell her of her father
She will grow up
never knowing you

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Guardian Angel

She held on to her pain
She thought it would never come again
It did in sharp sudden strikes
Her roars were loud her crys like screeching bikes

Will anybody hear me the thoughts ran through her head
she lay herself on the end of her very large bed
her hands gripped the ends like a child holding sweets
her heart began to beat and race her head was full of heat

" Someone please help me",  she yelled out ?
But no one came or heard her the words and cries from her mouth
I cant stand this any longer as she felt a large gush
This is when she began to push and push

God love her she was all on her own the sheets were barely there
will someone please come to me ?
doesnt anyone really care ?
I need to call the doctor where is my phone ?
I dont want to deliver my baby all on my own

Just then the phone began to ring
she crawled to reach out for it
Then she heard a someone sing
she called out ,then suddenly a figure appeared in front of her
As her baby came out , OH LORD GOD HELP YOU
the voice said to her , you poor poor woman
I will ring for help its okay now i will take care of you and baby

AS her babys eyes looked at her with a loving caring stare
she thanked god that night that the stranger did care
we will always remember what you did for us .
My baby will be told of the stranger who helped and we could trust

Friday, 16 September 2011

Leaving Our Shores

It sad to see the people
both young and old
looking for jobs
queing for abroad

Where will we go
they ask? whats best for us
these questions are followed by more
will we learn from the past

They surely want to stay here
but theres no Irish jobs is there at this fair
Hopefully more jobs are on the way
to see them leave their families
it is a very sad day

As my eyes wonder around
 looking at whats happening
i cant help but wonder
is this our maping

Are we destined to wonder
 from place to place
our can we keep or loved ones with us
surely Ireland is the best place

Eyes will be sad hearts will be broken
mothers will cry fathers words left unspoken
sons will say we will be back some day
daughters will hug and kiss them like they will stay

I dont want to feel the hurt and the pain
that i see with people i know
over and over again
they cant even talk it is all to much
the only thing they have is a picture they clutch.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

"The Bench "

As she lay in her torn clothes her taughts ran through her head of the times when life wasnt so bad . She managed to get up and be able to look at herself in the mirror without feeling shame or guilt . Racing taughts were her new way of life and siting on her own was also nothing new who would want to be seen next to me she taught to herself . The bench she once used to share with workmates was now her sleeping place . She would stare at the window of the building of which she once worked with happy taughts and then like a bang to her head the reality would hit her . But no matter what had been taking from her she still got to hold on to her memories . Life at night time was so harsh and cruel especially when you would see people take their animals indoors and poor Katy as lying in the dewy grass by morning she would be shaken like a rattle her bones would feel as tough they had been drained of every bit of blood . No feeling in her hands feet or face but still her memories . How did it all come to this she taught ? There she was looking in the bins before others had woken up to do there shoping work etc , picking what she could to fill the hole of hunger in her belly . But nothing could fill it was always empty . Back to her bench she would go and sit and look again at this wonderful building and dreamt of work . People would walk by her and stare like she didnt have any right to be there , but she knew in her head she had as much right as anyone and didnt need to proove herself as she had walked in their shoes before . She taught one day this could be them at least i know both sides now and now i can say i have lived it both ways .  Kathy came across mnay an interesting character along her cold and long days on the street and would learn the tricks on how to survive very quickly indeed . Back to her bench she went and one of the girls that worked with her went by looked with a judgemental eye at her and said you people dont belong around here move on somewhere else before i have you moved . She didnt recongnise Kathy in her dirty state and face drawn look. This lady droped her journal in her haste to get away as quickly as possible and as any one would Kathy atomatically bent over to help her . She shouted leave it alone you "dirty dirty creature ", Kathy was taking back by this responce . She taught god is this how we are treated and looked upon the people i worked with treat me with such hatred . How dare they treat anyone in this manner .
As the weeks passed by Kathys experience had taught her so much about what homeless people were treated like and how people who you taught you knew actually dont know enough about the real world , paper pushers who needed to be given some a reality check . So as monday morning came Kathy woke ip in her own bed and washed herself in a shower but treated the bar of soap as if it were gold this was her new luxury . With her hair done and suit on Kathy was on her way back to the office no exspecting her back for several weeks thinking she was away on a sking holiday , couldnt be further from the truth Kathy was in the snow alright  ,on the ground she slept on no fancy holiday.
  Kathy arrived in the office and the busy talkative office turned quiet all of a sudden . "Good morning Kathy", echoed in the hallway as she passed by . "So kathy",  said her assistant "did you have a good holiday "? Kathy said plenty of time to talk about that later Sue . She stood in the middle of everyone i want you all to come to the board room . All eyes were on her whats going on . "Well all be seated please as you all know i was away fo awhile" , all of them smiling yes we know  "so did you have a good time sking there Kathy", joked one the guys ."Well i actually wasnt sking guys and girls i was actually living on the street for a while" . "What" ? "why "? were the echoes of voices  , "whats happening " , "your hardly that broke came another" . "No i am not but i have been viewing you all and how you treat others less fortunate and i have to tell you i am discusted" . The comments that came from you all was unacceptable and i cant believe these are the kind of people i have working for me such shallow behaviour . Do you not all realise this could be any of us some day we can all fall on hard times but dont need to be so mean to others . I have learned and seen so much in my time and the others i have met in my place while out there welcomed me no questions asked and helped me not looking for anything in return . All the faces on them were full of disappointment and fear . Kathy told them that she would be sending them on work placement in centres run for the homeless and less fortuntate to see how hard a day in their lives can be and also would have to spend a night on the street to get the real picture . Not one of them refused as they had been made see how it could happen to anyone and would welcome this new experience to help others . Kathy went on to open up new buildings for the homeless and for anyone whom needed a roof over their head after all whats money if you cant share it . Kathy would be seen as would some of the people who worked for her helping out in the kitchen cleaning washing what ever was needed for some just reassurance and a friendly word . Kathy had her eyes opened to the reality of others and never looked at her life the same again .

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Glad Rags

Mary lived with her mother and father , they lived a simple life .  She would get up early every morning to make sure they had the fire wood in and shoping to . She would clean and polish the house before she had to take herself off to her paid job . Mary had alot on her plate but dealth with it well as any one could . Her days were long and tiring but she smiled through the good times and the bad . The girls in the office were planning nights out while Mary listened to all the fun they were going ot have . No nights out for Mary , she would go home and do the normal cooking the dinner and cleaning up tiding up the garden which was her get away she had it so beautiful and pretty . While the girls where she worked were pampering themselves she was tending her garden she would wipe her face as the sweat would roll down along her face from all her hard work , this was her face mask . With tired hands and wary body she took herself in doors to clean the floors . The fire was lighting up lovely she sat with her mother and father and they would chat away to her . She showed such great interest in them . Dad turned to her and said as she tucked them both into bed , "thank you Mary your a child to be proud of ". Dont be silly you done the same for me didnt you well no need to thank me now have a good nights sleep father and mother and no need to thank me .
  The next morning Mary awoke from her sleep and done her usual activities of the day . She was siting at her desk typing away and the girls were there hanging around and chating away while she worked her little heart out . Gossip was their favourite topic , but Mary would never get involved as much as they tried to involve her . As she had more important things on her mind than this needless waste of time . Sure enough it was the weekend and Mary was just about to finish up her work when the doors burst open with the sound of laughter and face pulling . So ladies said their boss who is going to buy me a drink , how about you Mary teased her boss knowing quiet well she didnt entertain this kind of life style . Mary tried to mutter out and answer but her gentle words were not to be heard . The noise and laughter drowned out her every word . Well ladies lets go and make the most of the weekend drinks are on me . Mary said her boss "will you lock up like a good girl", "of course" she said  to polite to say what she should say .  So she locked up and stoped at the shops to go and get some food in and went on her way . As her tired feet hit the door she dragged herself in to the house and her happy faced parents were sitting there waiting to greet her and make her feel human again . Mary had something much more than this stage of a life in work she had a loving family waiting for her at home and didnt need the friday night lights to make her feel like something of worth . Mary said to herself, no money in the world can give me what i already have a loving family and life of peace .

Friday, 9 September 2011

Winter Nights

As the nights close in
and they are geting cold
we are cuddled in front
of a fire the colour of gold

We dont want to awake from our sleep
we dont want to leave the cosy warm sheets
we will put on the extra blanket or two
we will most likely catch a cold or flu

As we run from the rain wind and sleet
on our way to our friends we meet
the joy in our face the cold in our hands
but it doesnt matter we are holding onto our tans

hot coffee or tea is a treat you see
walks in the park but as the evenings get dark
we wont be out long for fear of something going wrong
we will do what we can in daylight
and look forward to the relaxing by the fire at night .

warm booties, fluffy socks pyjamas we need
heaten up full blast
imagine what it was like in the past
no light no gas or electrity
they made do with what ever they had
they were happy and glad

no text no chat no facebook or twitter
only homebaking and talk and some good little knitters
times were hard but communication was better
were all in a hurry were all go getters

winter will be long the weather will be hard
but remember we are lucky
to have such luxurys and family
having a roof over my head is my responsiblity

I dont look for much only to provide for my family
and make sure i can bring them up to be the best that they can be
so enjoy what you have and appreciate one another
especially the ones that brought you into the world
your loving father and mother .

Thursday, 8 September 2011

He Passes By

As he passes by the window
of the old house
visitors are left puzzled
they think it is a bird flying by
a shadow in the sky

we are all used to him
we leave him on his way
he is just trying to make the most
of his very long day

When i first seen his shadow it did scare me
but when i realised he meant no harm
he must of once lived here on the old farm
when he walkes along his path he drags his injured arm

I swear he caught me looking
as he went on his way
i could of swore i seen him smile
made me stop and think of him
as he would of sat upon his stile

we been asked to bless the ground of which he walks
but we dont want to bother him
we let him have his right to roam
he is doing all he knows

who are we to interfer
with something we dont know
the shadows of the day and night
have the right to come and go

so we will let you do the daily walk through the land
and hope you reach the place you go
safely hand in hand

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Tired Eyes

You decided to close your eyes
that your time on earth was done
you felt like there was no way out
no where left to run

escaping time was easy to do
leaving behind a family who was so upset at you
why oh why ? we ask ourselves
looking for answers , but none are left

The stories you shared
 wrote with such talent
you had knowledge and humour
if only you got the right help sooner

tried to understand
help you how we could
might aswell of been knocking
our heads against the wood

you were not happy
you fought with yourself
the roles in your head
were nothing like any
in any book on a shelf

we visit your grave
 we pray for a while
we ask god to keep you safe
as we remember your wonderful smile

every night before i go to bed
i think of your life short lived
of what you could of been
had you believed more in yourself

so watch over us now and forever
we will mourn your place in our family
and live on in your memory
leave floweres and tears on your graveside
but never ever forget thee .

Thursday, 1 September 2011

got my place on course of my choice so happy cant wait to study social studies

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Interview tomorow should be nervous but feel good about it amazing how wanting the course can drive all the nervous feelings i should have to the back of my mind .

closed your eyes

you closed your eyes
you fell asleep
the news of your passing made us weep
you will be missed by all especially your family
take care of him god
uncle we will see you again someday
for now rest in peace .rip uncle Dxxx

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

life changes

it is funny how life can change
how one minute you can be moved
by sometthing or someone
It can feel very strange

Like sometimes you meet someone
for the very first time
but it is like you have known them for years
they listen they get to know you they show care

Been kind to others is my philosphy
what you do for others makes the person whom you will be
A kind word or two travels along way
helping others whom may be in dismay

stand united stand strong help each other out
too much sadness on this earth
things have changes alot
help thy neighbour in times of need
dont rush by dont feed the greed

when i smile at the people that i meet
a simple thank you can be enough of a nice greeting
we all carrying our own little load of problems and burdens
but to take the time out to ask someone how was their day
can be enough to clear it out
the problems and worries we can carry around that is can be filtered through
with someone to simply listen and make our mood change
from blue to an emotion of new


missing you

now that you are gone
the house is so quiet
every sound i hear
it gives me a fright

trying to pass the time away
waiting for you both to come home on friday
we have never all been apart
but im sure this will be only the start

it will have to happen at one time or another
im proud to be your loving mother
we are so used to been all together
close as a family , no matter what the weather

i will watch the clock and count the days
when you will be home this will all be a phase
its amazing how time spent apart can tare
the strongest of a heart

work will keep me busy
you will be busy too
having fun in the sun
having a trip or two

so alas im finished this poem
deicated to you both
will see you on friday
may go i filling up have a lump in my throat


Sunday, 7 August 2011


Times are hard
Things have changed
Work is hard to find
The world seems very strange

Things have got out of control
There is no work no money
Too many on the dole
The guys that made this happen
Are bathing in the sun
Or living in luxury somwhere on the run

We cant run or hide from the bills
The morgages have to be paid
Or we have no where to live
We are living from hand to mouth
While those who have caused this
Are partying and been able to splash out

Our country is in dept
We are on our knees
Asking for money from other countries
Should we take it or leave it
What are we to do
Are we selling ourselves out ?
Are we drinking the stout ?

Our children are emirgrating
Theres nothing for them here
Their off to new shores
Not knowing what there

Families are separated, husband and wives
Mothers and daughters , sons and brothers alike
Wont see each other for a very long time
Its hard to see a child have to leave
The government wont fight
To keep their people here
Where they belong
After all it wasnt them that done all the wrong

They say they understand
What people are going through
But to be honest to the person on the street
The government have no clue

There words seem good
Their promises are there
But they dont go to bed hungry
Or stare at the bills or their children
Who have no medical care

Kids bellies are hungry 
The presses are bare
There is no money coming in
There is nothing ot repair
The car has been taken ,we cant travel anywhere
Families are living with parents
They are now their parents guests

The summer is upon us
No money to spare
No holidays away this year
But do the government care
No they dont sure what can they do

Makes you us wonder
Why we pay tax, prsi too
Things need to change
Jobs are few are far between
We are hanging on by the skin of our teeth
Lucky to have shoes on our feet

Christmas is fast approaching
The lists will be there
But will we be able to meet
The wishes of our children so dear
A STRUGGLE it will be for many a house hold
The budget will be interesting in deed
Will they stop the cut backs
So we can afford to feed
The empty bellies we carry aorund
Or will they pull the floor from underneath us leave us with nothing

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Secret place

Feeling like no one was there for Emily she would run to her hiding place .  She sat all alone sobbing her heart out then out of no where came a voice or was it just her imagination. Emily gazed up from her teary eyes and low and behold was a figure in front of her. "Are you ok": said she to Emily" who are you "? Emily replied back ? I am your mother could it really be . But thats not possible replied Emily 'go away she said ': your just lying to me like all the others . 'Like who'; said the voice . 'Did he send you here', 'who send me here  ', maybe its her after all taught Emily to herself . How can i trust you ? Have you a locket that you hide in this place where we sit . How could she know this its not possible .  'What if i have '?  I gave it to you before , before what Emily screamed out who are you? 'what do you want with me ?' 'I only want to be there for you' . 'But no one ever wants to be there for me not since she left' ,as a picture fell from her pocket she realised this lady in front of her was in fact her real mother .

Emily jumped up into her mothers arms embrassing her every touch and hug . She had been waiting for this moment for ever and now it had happened as she imagined even better . Emily could not take her eyes off her mother dont leave me just then she taught how will we tell them they are impossible . 'Emily' said her mother now wait there is nothing to  be worried about we will tell them together and nothing will take me away from you ever again .  So they set off to the house on the hill where father and herself would be waiting i suppose . KNOCK went the door , im scared said Emily no need assured her mother Jane . 'There you are', said the woman at the door. 'That's the other mother', she said. I am Jane said Emilys mum who are you  i am yes the other woman Emilys gobsmacked stepmother was feeling faint with the shock couldnt be she insisted with her shallow breath .  Just then the car pulled up and in it Emilys father where have you been Emily . Jane replied she was in her hiding place all girls have one . The stunned father look where have you come from thats a long story as you well know but we have a long time to talk it over . It wasnt long after THE OTHER MOTHER left and the real mother was back as if she had never been away .

Emilys life had changed for ever she had got what she always wanted a loving family and a REAL MOTHER . No more hiding places were needed .

On a Roll

Today started just like all the others wrong side of the bed . As i moved my aching body over to the side i began to roll whats that about ?  The echo in my head felt naturally like a hallow , for if it were tapped nothing inside . Oh no look at the time coffee meeting with the girls . Time to wash clean and get my butt in action .

As i rushed in the door to meet my fellow compadrays the door almost left my face print in it , jeeze wheeze what a morning this was turning out to be .  YUM give me that t-bone no heads sore feels like jelly what he hell hunger strikes , Oh hi girls .