Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Guardian Angel

She held on to her pain
She thought it would never come again
It did in sharp sudden strikes
Her roars were loud her crys like screeching bikes

Will anybody hear me the thoughts ran through her head
she lay herself on the end of her very large bed
her hands gripped the ends like a child holding sweets
her heart began to beat and race her head was full of heat

" Someone please help me",  she yelled out ?
But no one came or heard her the words and cries from her mouth
I cant stand this any longer as she felt a large gush
This is when she began to push and push

God love her she was all on her own the sheets were barely there
will someone please come to me ?
doesnt anyone really care ?
I need to call the doctor where is my phone ?
I dont want to deliver my baby all on my own

Just then the phone began to ring
she crawled to reach out for it
Then she heard a someone sing
she called out ,then suddenly a figure appeared in front of her
As her baby came out , OH LORD GOD HELP YOU
the voice said to her , you poor poor woman
I will ring for help its okay now i will take care of you and baby

AS her babys eyes looked at her with a loving caring stare
she thanked god that night that the stranger did care
we will always remember what you did for us .
My baby will be told of the stranger who helped and we could trust

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