Saturday, 29 October 2011

Emptyness Fills my Heart

Eyes are crying
Head is sore
Please please dont slam the door
When you walk out , i wont hear you shout

I turn to see are you walking back in
No sign of you and your silly grin
I think i need you how foolish am I
To need someone whos ignorant and likes to lie

I used to feel alive and happy inside
But all i feel now
Is betrayed and lyed to
What have i done to deserve this

You've left me with nothing
but hatred and one last kiss
Its easy to walk out and never come back
The times i felt like doing it , when you gave me no reason to stay

I shall cry for your absence
now that your gone
farewell to you my sweetheart
go where ever you belong

My shoulders feel lighter
More than ever before
I dont wait anymore
For you to walk through the door

I hold our baby close
I tell her of her father
She will grow up
never knowing you

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