Tuesday, 8 November 2011

My Last Goodbye


When i have close my eyes
And silence finally falls
The tears that come from your heart
I do wish for them to dry up
Please do not stop living
All that you have done wrong
Is forgiving
I will never forget you
And the things that you do
The time we had together
Will stay with me forever
As you lay me into the ground
I wont hear a sound
lay flowers on my grave
and print on the stone
Go live life to the fullest
I will be fine here on my own
Remember me when times are hard
I will watch over you love
I have left you a card
It reads of our life and time together
All of the good and the stormy weather
We never got to make it up the aisle
But we got to share each others smile
Hand in hand our footprints will stay
In each others lives
Until we are together some day

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