Friday, 18 November 2011

Never give Up

Silence has broken
Her lips have spoken
Of the hurt and pain
The man she trusted
To protect her
has hurt her once again

She remembers how he told her he would never go away
He would never ever leave her
He would never walk away

As she turns to him to see where he is gone
The tears flow from her eyes
and her heart strings are pulled along
As he walks out the door she cant believe
Whats going on

The door has slammed shut the car has drove away
No one here to share her life
She feels isolated in her pain and sadness
Feels so all alone

She lays herself on the floor
Distraught and torn
Her head feels like is spinning around and around
Her feet touching against
The cold cold ground

She turns to friends and family
Who do their best to understand
what she is going through
They kindly lend a hand

She goes back to work
Struggles through her day
As he watches her pull herself together
He approches her and asks her out for a drink
At first she declines his offer

She asks him why he is bothered with her
He turns and says in a gentle voice

The guy that broke your heart
Is stupid to of done so
Stick with me and i will protect you and love you the way that you deserve
I will never ever hurt you
I will treat you with respect

And someday we may marry and have a family
And lots and lots of memories
And nights like this
You dont have to worry
You will be Alright , lets dance and enjoy this night.

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