Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The boy who caught my eye

Lay here on the river bank
The sun it beams down on me
I forget about everything
I even forget to run home for my tea

But the days are long and warm
And the water is cool and fresh
I can feel the flies having a feast
Eating away here on my flesh

I hush them away
So they go on their merry way
God i think to myself
How i love days like this to relax

This is where i come to think
This special place it's grassy banks
are like a huge sink
Swimming in the water
staring up at the clouds go by

Theres not a single sound or noise
not even the sound of a car
The bitting of the minnow
They nip on my tiny toes

The smell of the wild flowers
It reminds me of my grandmothers rose
as i sit and watch in amazement
of the land surrounding me

The young farmers son comes walking by
He tries to ignore me
I pretend i cannot see him
tough im looking through the corner of my eye

Then all of a sudden a wasp comes after me
He shoots down from the sky
This boy of who i do not know
Comes to rescue me

But as i run to get away
He gets stung by a bee
So now the roles are reversed
And i run to him

I suppose i need to help him out
As i stand over him with a silly grin
I call out to his father to come to get his boy
I can tell you this boy is mortified
this embarressment  brings him no joy

His father helps him home
The vinger comes out
the boy turns to his mother and says
Please escort her out

The nerve of him i think to myself
For telling me to go
Sure he is only a stupid boy
Sure what would he even know

As i turn to walk away from the house
He screams the place down
I laugh to myself when i think of it
I couldnt help but run back in and have abit of a skit

He wouldnt talk to me for several days
He made me suffer well
but now at least we have some memories
And some stories to tell

Since we married several years gone by
We remember that day well
It seems fate had our future together
mapped out really well

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