Friday, 16 December 2011

A Broken Man

Rain is falling
Thunder roars through the air
Lightening flashes through the sky like a glowing orb
Make me feel safe take me from the curb

I lay here on the street alone
No shelter to cover my tired old soul
No home to go to, no place to call my own
Give me some hope and prosperity

Give me a chance to be who i used to be
I havent always lived this life
I once had a family and a wife
But life changes so suddenly

I wish i could change the past you see
I look on as people pass by
No even a hello or a goodbye
I'm down in the gutter brushed from society

Who wants to know me
Who wants to talk to me
I see a reflection of myself in a puddle
I ask myself how did i get myself into this muddle

Given a chance i know i could change
That seems so funny seems very strange
I want to take charge control of my life
I want to be the man i was
A father and husband to my wife

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