Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Christmas Rush

Yes it is that time of year
When all around are happy and full of cheer
Christmas is upon us
We are mad to buy
 A special something for that little girl or little boy

We rush through the shops
like never before
We almost take the hindges
off the door

We look for bargains its in our blood
To get what we need because we should
We wrap and lable so carefully
Racing sround like busy bees

Get the last minute shoping
Before its to late
run to the postman
whos closing the gate

hang cards and decorations
 all around us with delight
The small children cant wait
to turn on the christmas lights

We will sit down together
 and eat at will
All lights on dont worry
about the electricity bill

We are all together united as one
eaten and been merry
having some fun
We will enjoy this occasion as intended you see
Thats what its all about
To you and to me

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