Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Dont go Yet

This is where it falls
This is how we find ourselves
Lay me on the brown crushed leaves
On the scathered soil

As the sunshine beams through
the darkness of the woods
The blanket of its arms
Cover me from head to toe

It protects me from the falling snow
I wouldnt mind i have no where else to go
This is my home for tonight maybe
I could get used to the shelter of the trees

The bright sky turns to dark
There is a beautiful twinkling of the stars
As a mere lightly lined cloud
 hovers over these stars

The moon smiles at me
and gives me a wink
I smile back at him and bid him goodnite
I pray for a safe and protected night

Then as i turn to close my eyes
I hear a sudden noise
I wonder what it could be
I turn to and to my surprise

Is a image that i havent seen
 for a very long time
The inner little side of me
The lonely lost man

I talk with him for awhile
He assures me i will be alright in the morning
That my head will sorted
Not rattled and torn

But i do not wake up
As i look down at me
I shout and i roar
But he doesnt hear me

Look at me i say
As i try to wake him up
Then i whisper in his ear
That your time is not up

So as he awakes finally from his sleep
He knows he has been visited by his other side of me

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