Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Dragon Heart

Little Dragon by the sea shore
WHY DON'T  you come to see me anymore?
i wait and wait but your no where to be seen
Are you really there? or just a dream

I was walking along with my mum and dad
I remember feeling very sad
i cant recall why i looked out to sea
There you were staring right at me

The waves moved you closer and closer to me
My heart nearly stopped with excitment
It also made me feel a little scary
I stopped in my footsteps
they disappeared in the sand
you were right there in front of me
There up on the strand

My eyes dryed up and my sadness turned away
you changed my life forever
on that particular day
for you to come back
you understand and listen to me
and never judge me or give me any flack

I see you in my dreams and thoughts
Your always on my mind
But as im geting older now
your disappearing into the back of my head
so rest easy Dragon Boy
My heart is full of steel
I'm STRONGER now because of you
I know you are so real

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