Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Love Me like Before

I cant wait anymore
I cant ignore
The silence in the room
I try and talk to you
I try to explore
What is on your mind
You turn towards the wall
Leaving me standing looking at my sadness in the mirror in the hall

There are obstacles in our way
There is unhappiness
Our hearts are torn
Their in disaray

As my makeup runs down my skin
You shuffle around the room
and throw back a mouthful of gin
Your footsteps are heavy and empty
Your mind is racing
with thoughts a plenty

Im sitting in a helpless heap
Surrounded by pain which cuts to deep
Hands cover my worn out eyes
tears drip down
Washing away my old disguise

Life can change in a heartbeat
The way our words can over heat
We sit down we explore
We are talking through a closed up door
I can almost feel your hand touch mine
We will fogive and forget this night in time

As i wait for you to come through the door
Hold me and love me like you did before

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