Monday, 2 January 2012

Holding Back my Tears

Sitting here in your company

Almost feeling like I belong

But stupid me I couldn’t see

I couldn’t be more wrong

Made feel like apart of something

For your punching bag you see

You made me feel so low and useless

You made me not want to be me

I look at you in shock

The way I never wanted to do

I curled myself in a ball

To protect myself from you

Kicked when I was down

Lying on the ground

No one comes to help me

No ones hears a sound

I sit and sob my heart out

My face is torn and sore

My heart is more hurt now

I can’t believe the way I have been treated

I wish I could ignore

Standing over me gave you strength

Humiliating me while you gave me a belt

A kick or two sure one more will do

Just to be sure I stay on the floor

I swear I will fight back

Someday your time will come

And so I do that day I met you

You were sitting on your bum

I walked up to you and looked you in the eye

Do you look away no you don’t?

You’re so brazen your acting the clown

But one thing I know when I look in your eye

You will have to live with what you did until the day you die

So sleep well in your ignorance

And wish yourself well

Be happy when you look in the mirror

Now you’re living your own hell   

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