Friday, 27 January 2012

My Little Star

When i close my eyes nothing is there
I try to communicate
The words are just not there
The frustration the chaos
That swirls around my mind
I cant explain what its like
Im sure you dont mind

I try to show mammy and daddy what i want
The words are not there
They are living in despair
As mammy combs my beautiful long hair

She whispers to me
I know you can hear
I will learn you and teach you
What ever i can
you wont slip through my fingers
im your biggest fan

I show you some pictures of what we can do
you follow me and tell me
what it is i can do
show me what you want to do today
you catch my hand and point to the door
The picture of the door

I can hardly believe your communicating with me
To think i once had you sitting on my knee
And now you are growing up so fast and independantly
your my teacher my star pupil and you are full of life so free

your eyes capture images that others including me cant see
your mind may be like a kalidascope
but your working and improving everyday
geting better the best you can be
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