Sunday, 15 January 2012

My tiny surprise

I could hardly believe
The words from the doctors mouth
Your having a baby
My eyes filled with tears
My head full of fears

Me so young a life inside of me
will i cope and be the best mummy as i could be
The tongues starting whagging and the news travelled fast
But nothing else mattered only my precious little baby
Braking the news to my parents was no easy task

They were very supportive
They helped how they could
But only i could do the job better
as any mother would

I remember that night
when you came into our lives
How everything changed
At first it was all so strange

The years flew by and i taught you what i knew
You made me as proud as can be
I loved to nurse you on my knee
You huged and cuddled me

You showed me this love back
I always felt close to you i would never change a thing
I have watched your different stages that you have gone through
The skills you have developed the habits and the friendships too

I watched you and nurtured you
And now you moved away
your living in your own house now
But you wont be far away

This is wrote for my son Daniel who is my 1st born child and has now reached the real age of independance love him and i am so proud of him

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