Sunday, 26 February 2012

Hold my Hand

I can not remember when i first saw you
I only remember i was glad that i did so
I was lonely until you came into my life
You became my secret friend
You held my hand

As I played with my toys you would join in
Help me find the pieces of my puzzles
You made me grin
It felt good to have you there
We would brush my dolls hair

I would bring you everywhere with me
Even tough i was the only one that could see you
It didn’t matter
We had had fun and laughter

One day we were in the furniture shop
My mother called me
Come along now hunny don’t stop
I asked her to wait for you to come too

Poor mother looked at me
And asked bring who?
My friend mammy she is here with me
She played along, she entertained me

I knew by her face
She could see
So I asked her to hold your hand
A test to her sanity

She held out her hand to my friend
And proclaimed her voice come on girls lets pretend
This action made me happy
Even tough she knew this was not real
But for that special moment
She made me happy

As I look back now to that moment in time
I wonder what made me think of you
What made me smile?
I thank you for keeping me company
I hope my daughter gets this opportunity 

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