Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Your Disguise

Why play these games
Why pretend you don’t my name
I know you know me
I know you remember my name

You are not the person I used to know
You have changed you talk so slow
Some days you are good
Others you’re just doing the best you could

I wish if I could get this one wish granted
Would for your agony to end
For this silence and pain you’re going through
To leave you and act like lets pretend

Let’s pretend this is not real
Let’s pretend like you are the person you were once before
Not the one now trying to escape out the door
Or in the corner crying on the floor

It easy looking from the outside in
You are sitting there looking at me with a huge smile a grin
But could anyone imagine what you are going through
Could anyone imagine the life you have to struggle through?

Time is a healer
You will get better they say
No ones knows if this is true
Something’s just don’t go away

I like to turn to you and hope you will recognise me
I know this is alright for now
As you can still do this beside me
Follow me and imitate me

You try to these things on your own
But sometimes you feel all alone
The lost look it in your eyes
The empty stare you can not disguise

So for today we won’t worry
About what the future might bring
For now I will enjoy
Your wonderful smile and your cheeky grin

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