Thursday, 1 March 2012


I wonder why the sky is blue
And why the grass is green
I wonder why the sea is so full
Of fish I have never seen

I wonder why the sunshine’s so brightly
And why the day turns to night
I wonder why the wind sometimes
 Won’t fly my kite

Where do the flowers go in the winter?
When the snow is on the ground
Where do the birds nest for winter?
When I do not hear a sound

Why do the puddles have rainbows?
Reflecting light through them
Why are there colours in the rainbow?
I do wish I could bottle them

Why can’t my teacher talk in English?
She says I never pronounce my words right
But she doesn’t talk clearly enough for me
She shouts and gives me a fright

I ask her answers to my questions
Of a few she can answer so well
I then turn and ask her this one last question
Why do we get so much homework?
Before she has time to give out to me
There goes the bell 

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