Monday, 9 April 2012


As we start out to protect our land and our people
We fight this war against those who threaten us
They want our land our flag or people
They want us to follow their language and their ways

We gather to fight this
We stick together
We remain tough
Holding our generations before us
In our hearts and minds

We save their memory in a way these people can never take away
We vow to fight them away
So as we lie on the hills and hold our guns in our hands
They come at us one by one
We fight them off us wont run

They have been pushed back to their native land
We applaud stand united we shake each others hands
The news of them retreating comes thick and fast
A bulletin in the cinema images from the past

We have won now the battle is done
We can walk free now not hide or be pushed back on the run
Freedom is ours and that of our future generations
We don’t need to punished, treated badly giving our explanations

The hand that pushed us back
Has giving us strength we won the war
The battle and the rest
Holding on for all we were worth
We were wounded we were hurt

Now we can walk anywhere in the world
Respected by all
For we stood tall
We stood by each other
Through thick and thin
We didn’t commit any mortal sins

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