Sunday, 15 April 2012

Glistening Sky

As we drove along the dark road way
In the still of the night
Clouds hung low in the glistening sky
Were we the only ones on this road alone?

When all of a sudden my button popped out of my blouse
Oh my I said to him
I need to pull over to find it at once
He said he would find it this was his response

So he crouched himself over to my side to see
When I then lost control of the car oh deary me
With tear filled eyes how scared was I
I had no other choice but to stop right now

The tires had blown out
The car just would go
As we looked at the damage
He stood up this man of mine
He was wearing a mask

What are you at I exclaimed to him
Stop messing I don’t find this funny
He didn’t mutter a word
Just came at me with a knife
He swung it high and low

He began to slash the car
He even caught himself
This man I once new was a different person
I had no clue

I remembered looking to the sky
Something went by
He looked on too
This stopped him in his evil actions
It was an image of a balloon

So as this passed by I locked myself in the car
It grabbed his attention long enough for me to go far
I turned the key to get away
Oh please please work
And so it did

I drove off and as I looked back he disappeared into the night
Like he was never there
As I went up the road there was carnage everywhere
It was like he had stopped me on purpose
He pulled on seatbelt strap
Only for this man I knew
I would have been caught up in the accident and trapped

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