Friday, 20 April 2012

Let’s Begin

How and where to begin
Know where to go in case I sin
Say prayers for those who are sick and old
And miracles for those who are brazen and bold
Let’s share laughter and smiles in the day
And enjoy the here and now
Not wonder of come what may
Dance in the sunlight
Dance in the rain
Do not get stressed over the silly things
As life will still remain the same
Do the best you can for yourself and family
Wonder, travel and educate yourself
To as far as the eye can see
Embrace the environment
Take time to talk to the new
A simple smile can change some ones mood
From blue into a whole feeling of warmth too
There is always some one in difficulty
It is nice to help them out
It does not need to be financial
It can be word of mouth
As people are losing their jobs
Their homes and property
Think of what can be done
For better prosperity
Flooding money in to systems that just do not work
Really drives the nations mad
It drives the tax payer berserk
Looking around things have changed some for the better
But the pressure on families is like bad stormy weather
Except in this case no one knows when the tide is going to turn
How much we have to go through for governments to run
We all do our best to provide for our society
But what will it take for us to get back to the normal or as normal as can be
We all want the best for ourselves and our family
Reach out and help those that need your help
A listening ear can mean so much
When that person has lost everything
You maybe their only crutch

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