Thursday, 26 April 2012

Puppy Love

When we first got you
You were so small
You played about and nipped my fingers with your mouth
You ran about with a soft tiny ball

Jumping and diving across the floor
Scrambling and scratching
We smile at your playfulness
We can’t ignore

As we welcome you in to our arms of love
You are the missing link
A beautiful puppy heaven above
You sit and look into my eyes

You make my daughters laugh and be happy
Your spots are as black as coal
As white fills the rest of your body as a whole
Big brown eyes so human like

We sit for days contemplating what your name will be
When my daughter turns to me and asks me my story
About the time when I had a puppy
When I was small
She says we will call him Rex
After your memory you could recall

You have grown now but not to much
You have a gentle soft touch
Cuddling you and loving you
As you give us so much fulfilment
You were the runt of the litter
You were thrown to the side

We won’t do this
We will mind
Obey and sit is what you like to do
You also like to run about
The chairs and my legs
You’re a rascal in your own way
But you filled us with love and joy
The day your owners gave you to us that day

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