Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Shelter me from the Rain

This wall that we sit near
Is our shelter from the rain?
The ground is our blanket
Its hard cold and plain

Looking at the sky
Moon is full and bright
This is our candle
This is our light

A shooting star goes by
You tell me to make a wish
I tell you don’t be silly
I cant possibly

You say make one go and do it
I make one then
You ask me again
So what did you wish for?

I can’t tell
For if I do it won’t come true
You lean over and tell me you knew
Is this what you wished for?
As a your lips they meet mine
So tender and soft
So luscious and divine

Holding me in your arms
As the breeze catches the leaves
The tender scent of lilac
The cool crispy air makes our words disappear

As you brush back my soft gentle hair
And whisper in my ear
That you will love me for ever
That you will always care

As our hearts are entwined
As is our minds
Like nothing can change this moment in time
We will cherish it forever

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