Monday, 9 April 2012

A soldiers Armour

As I enter the room
I see the crowd in front of me
To many for the eye to see
So I go to the dance with my friends

As I move my self around the floor
I move in way like never before
My hair is hanging down to my side
When all of a sudden I feel a hand glide

It moves up along me so suddenly
Catches me off guard
Surprises me
What do I do?
Will I turn around to see?

Or will I just enjoy this moment of pleasure
Maybe I will enjoy this experience
As I turn around to see who is there
The hands move away they disappear

I look all around to is there someone looking at me
I cant figure this moment out
I cant see anyone staring back at me
As I compose myself and pull myself together
All alone at the bar a figure comes up behind me
A shady character breathes on me

I catch a glimpse of this person in the mirror before me
As I turn to see just who it is
A familiar voice talks to me
A wonderful smile this person has

Have I seen you here before?
No he responds I just seen you walk in the door
I have been captured my your beauty
Your smile has caught hold of my heart
I have to get to know you
Not watch you from the dark

Then your shadow it stands over me
Like arms of a soldiers armour
You’re my shady knight  
That caught me this night
I am glad you did so rapidly
My shadow of the night  

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