Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Strawberry fields

As we run along the strawberry fields
We tie the tall grass to trick the boys
We call them from afar
Come get us we call
They run like mad
When all of a sudden they fall feeling sad

We must run faster now
They are angry we hurt their pride
So as we reach the old barn in the field
We see the beauty of the forest surrounding it
Fruit filled trees fill the empty ground
Colours of red and green
Some old rusty ones as well

The shadows of the trees shelter us from the sunlight rays
Thinking back those were the days
Long and hot
Nothing to do
Only hang around and wonder
Along the forest fields of new

As our foot prints are left in the ground below us
We see the old house right in front of us
We wonder in and have a look
Old papers are scattered everywhere
The fireplace that once told stories
Still remained there

The trees surrounding this place
Hold memories of old and new
Who knows what they say if they could
Who knows what went on in this place?
Sitting in the hay barn we all talk for hours
Until its time to dodge the electric wire, bull, badger, fox and bees
I stop in my hurry for home
I look back and wonder just what went on
It feels like the ghosts of the past
Are waving goodbye for now
And waiting for our return
For now they bid us goodnight

So as the trees hang silently
And the meadow stands silently
Let the moon filled sky
Sparkle down in it
Until dawn brings another story 

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