Friday, 6 April 2012

What are friends for

I turn to you I know I can
I trust in you
My deepest secrets
When I down your always there

You always listen
You always care
You’re the one
Who picks me up
When I am down

You’re the one who says to me
Turn that frown upside down
You’re the one the makes everything alright
You’re the one who doesn’t go out of sight

I know I will be there for you
Like you are for me
I know that we have a bond like no other
That no one else can see

When times are hard
You pick me up
You dust me off
You chip away the rough

The layers that I try to hide behind
You know each and everyone of them
You can see through me
You’re not blind

When I smile even tough I do feel sad
You seen to know what is wrong with me
To have you by my side
To have you protecting me
I am glad

You are my gladiator
You are my shield
I am your instrument
We sometimes get lost in this field

I am glad that we are like two peas in pod
I am fulfilled and lucky to have you here
I will always love you my dear

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