Monday, 28 May 2012

Blanket of the Sea

As she lay beneath the blanket of sea
Her tired worn out cold empty body
She needed rest this was her cover vest
Sand was her pillow
Mountains threw back hanging willow

Dolphins graced the sea so blue
They dived in and out
They were breath taking too
She did not mind them

Her mind was at rest
She was worn from her journey
The sea of shelter it did caress
It cared for her
Soothed her mind

Her hair scattered itself out
As it lay threw around
Shells gave it beauty
Underneath the rustic ground

Sparkles of sand
That dusted her being
So softly and peaceful she looked
Like a mermaid never seen

Waking from her sleep
She was as fresh as the sea
Thirst filled her mouth
Cramped were her knees

Tired half open eyes
Hazy sunrise
Thoughts of fruit filled her mind
Capturing images of playful dolphins
Mesmerized her inside

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