Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Blind Folded

Blind folded by all she once knew
She had always seen the best in you
She gave you her all
You stood tall

She never asked for anything in return
You broke her heart
She felt it burn
As she walked on egg shells

For so long now
Her eyes were covered
As the last leaves fell
On your return
She did dwell

Stepping down the stairs of time
Waiting to hear your voice
To help her climb
From isolation

That you created in her head
Others say this is the way she made her bed
But no one knew
What you did to her

Using and walking away so far
As rustic leaves lay on the ground
The silence that fell
Made her heart pound

When looking out the window
As the light hit her face
She knew she could do better than you
She knew you were a disgrace

So as she freed her mind from you
And starting a life of new
She waited no more
She went out to explore
Her vision had a good view

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