Sunday, 6 May 2012

Country Roads

Cycling the roads of tar driven might
We drove on with will and fight
So early in the morning light 
Crisp was the air
Tiredness took over our fear and despair

We struggled up the hills
And free wheeled down them too
Took corners where there were none
Short cuts anyone
No reply no one

Walking over the grid gateway
Felt like my tiny feet would fall through
Oh will the torture ever end let me sit down I pray
But this is only the beginning of the day

So as we sit and wait for the boss to have his fill
Of stomach churning breakfast
His bald head appearing above the window sill
Come on out let us get to work
And he does eventually then he goes berserk

Get on now get into your place
You would swear we were in a race
You swear he ran this place
For getting that he did was so easy to do
Especially when we were tired to the bone
And a mess was our hair

So stooped and bent down
Picking the red and green
Juicy did they taste
We didn’t want to let them waste

Along came the messenger with the black round tubs
Fill them up now you all
We wanted to fill his pants with grubs
This sad boy taught he was in control
He looks like a leprechaun he tending to kind of stroll

Fill them full of red and green I don’t think so
Wait for the black filled clouds of rain
To do the filling for us
And top them off with the red and green
If we get caught he will surely fire us

Sure we chance our arms
That’s what kids do
Sheltered from the rain underneath half leave filled ditches
We are having the laugh in stitches
It is then time for a break
Sandwiches at the ready
A flask of tea too
Plain old biscuit lucky to have one between us all
We were no millionaires
But we had our own wealth in us all

We were young entrepreneurs in a time of a stand still
We had fire in our hearts
And happiness was our pill
Hardship made us strong
Discipline showed  us where we went wrong
We worked hard to bring the pounds in
We even took on the potato drills

Covered in muck from head to toe
Barely able to cycle home
After been stuck in the row
We strived on with all our heart
And stopped on the way
To relax by the river side
To wash the dirt away     

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