Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Hairy Tales

Long ones
Short ones
Stubble on the face
Bum fluff
Baby boys
Feeling out of place

Arm pits underneath
Filled with gruesome hair
No don’t look it growing every where
Like pine needles startled
Forrest underneath

Oh no to warm need air now
Oh short sleeves they will do
Maybe a nice dress would work
Oh no may shave there now too

There is always one that peeps out
To kick you when your down
It is like it waving at you
It is long hairy and brown

Waxing and shaving every where
Hours spent alone on this
Tweezers at the ready
Don’t try this when your …..drunk

Red face chin eyes weeping tears
Torn dry skin
God those are large over grown hairs
Leave them long enough
And you will need a garden shears

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