Wednesday, 23 May 2012

On his feet Again

He felt his hands
He felt his recovery for the first time
His legs finally worked
He was moving for the first time fast

His prayers were answered finally
He was able to move all that he couldn’t before
The doctors were amazed
They had given him less of a chance

Pushing himself to get out of that bed
Was his plan
He fought and fought
With all that filled his soul

Not wanting sympathy
Not wanting help
He struggled on with his crutches of self
His elbows rested his head

As morning broke
He decided this was the day
I know I will walk this way
A man of strength
He walked alone

No aid no crutch
He done it his face was filled with happiness
He had done what not many could do
He stood on his feet as long as he could
Until finally given in to rest

As he lay in bed
With smiles gathered round
He had done something magical that day
He had done himself proud 

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