Friday, 18 May 2012

Settling Dust

Trying to impress me
Wont work
Keep it to yourself
I won’t be your china plate on a shelf

All alone makes you blue
Been with me makes no difference to the few
Help me understand what it is you want
I’m lost in language of words riddled in stone

No matter where it is
No matter where you stay
Things will not change
Love seems very strange

Hurry in clouds of wonder
Listen in times of need
Race to fill my hearts desire
Emotions are run with speed

Singing notes of humming sound
Tiny footsteps on the ground
Splashes of puddles flat down low
Drops of rain
Particles of snow

So when I hear your whistle
I know that you are near
I know you have made your mind up now
I know you want me its clear

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