Sunday, 13 May 2012

Terrible things story time

The posh gits that lived up the road started to come mixing at this stage and they were really bad they could do no wrong in their parents eyes how far from the truth could this be, which we would learn later on in the time as it turns out there was to be a break in the local school and followed by several houses after. My mother was worried afraid to leave the key in the door now she always left it in it no one ever done wrong on each other but as father said it a sign of the times. He went on to say they just don’t care anymore the generation coming up along. Mother replied sure we don’t know who is doing it. The residents called a meeting and low and behold it was the hot topic the garda came to where is the army replied a voice. It was from the mad one down the road she was an eccentric one. Sure maybe she had a point. Shush came the voices in the background if you have nothing sensible to say go home or sit down and be quiet. Well excuse me for breathing she shouted I am off to the bar care to join me she flirted with the young garda. In his defence he said I am a married man and you’re a married woman now go home. She went on to say I only asked if you wanted a drink not your hand in marriage aren’t we sensitive. So she continued her conversation with herself to the bar, she would be seen dragging herself home in the early hrs of the morning later on. I never understood this kind of behaviour from a woman although she was more like a man in her behaviour , mutton dressed as lamb the local woman would say sure maybe she had her skeletons in her closet god knows she hadn’t many clothes in it she was seen wearing the same clothes all the time . In fairness she could have been mistaken for a homeless person if you never set eyes on her before. I suppose she never had a break in life or many good examples to be seen in her home father was an alcoholic and so was the mother too she hadn’t a hope in hell of been any different lucky for her she had no sprogs of her own to weigh her already decaying body away . So the meeting came and went and the houses continued to be robbed of their worldly possessions. You name it they took it I wish they took that cat that would be crying away all night belonging to smackers or the howling dog that no one knew who owned it a stray in the mist or was he well the detective work began. It was a sunny Tuesday and the brothers and friends fancied abit of a wonder down the fields so they began their travelling adventure down the fields and had to climb the wooden fence go past the old fallen trees over the stream that lead to another . that continued for a bit but they took the short cut over the massive rock well they spoke of it as if it were a giants causeway or something of the seven wonders of the world .   which would lead them to another field if you made it up that steep hill , past the bull over the electric fence past the local wildlife hidden in their borrows . Well I don’t think I ever wanted to go through such an ordeal would you? Who would? But the cowboys and Indians loved the adventure the harder the better mad things they were. They eventually came to this derelict house. It seemed untouched for some reason but on closer inspection all was not as it seemed. The boys looked in carefully just in case they weren’t taken any chances you never know who could be in there or what. As they walked closer they could hear this shuffling noise followed by snoring what is that shouted Paul in his not broken voice he hadn’t matured quiet yet lads said what squeaky head. ah get lost you lot I am sick of it but he had to get on with it no matter what they all had their flaws hadn’t they he would get his turn to laugh at them . Well they got closer and wiped the dirty window with their sleeves they were already filthy. and there in front of their eyes was a figure all huddled up in a ball by the fireside which had gone out there was nothing inside but old newspapers and a head line caught my brothers eye “LOCAL SCHOOL BEEN BROKEN INTO “. Oh my god went paddy Paul covered his mouth with his dirty sleeve shut up paddy do you want get us all killed this guy must be some sort of fruit cake we need to get out of here now and I mean now just then the man awoke from his sleep . Whose out there he shouted help roared the boys well they shot off like the hairs of hell faster than than a flea on a dog they were. as they climbed well jumped the gate Thomas got stuck oh holy god please set me free he roared but the lads were gone they probably assumed he was behind trying to save their own skin more like it ha . meanwhile I was sat at home in the garden bored out of my tree if only I could have been on this adventure the excitement sure I was later on in their stories . So getting back to Thomas and his terrible dilemma he was going no where fast stuck on the gate still but why? Well his pants had got caught up on the wire bit on the side of it. The man who sleeps well did was getting closer Thomas taught to himself I swear to god if you set me free I will go to mass one Sunday in the month okay every Sunday and I will change my ways like hell he would pigs would fly before this great events would take place . This stranger hobo was getting closer and closer before he was right in front of Thomas. Thomas was nearly fainting at his stage with the fear that filled his body sweat was dripping down his pale face then came the vomit all over the grass . Don’t hurt me he shouted to this stranger. Then came a deep voice from the man I wont hurt you why would I?

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