Sunday, 6 May 2012

Talking to Myself

Pulled in by your words
Left to the side
Treated with kids gloves
While you wasted away our life
This is no way to treat your wife

Searching for answers
There are none
Worrying and praying
That one day you will take a turn

One for the better
Knowing which road is best for us all
We want you back
The way you were
When you were on the ball

Giving to yourself is one thing
But taking from others is hard to be done
Waiting for a knock on the door
Afraid to answer it
Worried to death
That you will not make it home
Safe from yourself

Time is wasted
Drinking the ale is your escape
It is your new friend
We are the old ones
We have to take second place
For we are your pest

Looking at what has happened to you
You’re a whole different person than that one I once knew
You’re not yourself with the image you choose to swallow
This is not who you are
You’re better than this

You cannot see until
You have no fight left
You drift away
Into someone else
You almost walk through yourself
Can not see where you are going wrong

Shaken the bottle of brown
Not been able to stop falling down
Your body is over its own limit
But you can not see it still

Give me it the morning to night
You will shout and fight
Giving it up and then back because of the chills and shakes
Never given yourself a chance
Not been able to step on the brakes
You’re lost in your mind
Can not see what we see
We have to stand back and let you be

You shout and push us away
Not wanting us to be there today
False happiness not reality
Living from a paper bag and box
Giving out and contrary
Giving up on all who come close to you
Wanting to wash your hands of those
Who care to love you too?

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