Saturday, 26 May 2012

Without a Chase

He waited and waited
For her to come
But no answer
Not a single tone

He wondered why
What had he done wrong
Did she even want him
Did he come on to strong

As his head hit the pillow
And the fog filled his way
His mind was a storm in action
At war with itself 

Eventually given in to sleep
His tired muscle toned body
Lay still
She wondered why he didn’t ring her still

So she waited for him
As he waited for her
Wires getting crossed
Had made this occur

When walking along the beach
They eventually did meet
Questions were asked
She felt rejected and hurt
As did he

When finally they talked
And seen what was happening
It was as if it was meant to be
Cupid was playing games with their hearts maybe

Holding hands together
Walking off into the sun
They both won each other
Heart strings were on the run 

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