Monday, 4 June 2012

Against the Odds

He whispered sweet nothings in her ear
He swore to her he would never disappear
He told her to stay by the river bank
She did as he asked
But he never came back
He was a no show

How could I count on him
To come back for me
As I wait here underneath this old chestnut tree
I have waited for him for nothing at all
He will get what comes to him
For taking his eye off the ball

She lingered on in life
As it moved on
Swearing that someday
She would meet the perfect one

As time had passed
And she went back to this place
She felt a presence
She felt at peace

As a figure stood in her light
She asked them to move
They refused
She turned and as she did
She seen it was him

He had returned
She was angry
And ran away
Leave me alone
Why come back this way
I felt it was the right thing to do at that time
You needed your life and I needed mine
Now I have a home a job a place to call home
I don’t want to walk this world alone

Please forgive me
For all that I have done
I need you to fill the gap
That is a void in my home

A day has not went by
When you were not on my mind
I must have been stupid back then
I must have been blind

She made him wait for a while
She made him stew
She finally answered his question
Of what she will do

I will go with you
If you promise to never leave again
Remember this is your last chance
They lived their romance all over again

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