Monday, 4 June 2012

Born Free

Let me spread my wings
She said to them
Let me be free
I am a wild spirit
Nothing can contain me

Travelling the wondering paths of the land
She had seen all that she could
She had seen the Sahara sand
Visiting places wild to explore

Nothing would calm her
She wanted more
Jumping from air planes
Bunji jumping
She felt free
She could almost fly

No fear no limits was her way of life
Not wanting to settle down
No chance
She had the life

Sailing on ships as tall as the eye
Could see
Wanting it all
Wanting more

A dare devil she was
This lady was a surprise
After years of freedom
Of travelling and working all over

She finally decided
To come home
She was alone
Fed up of the pace

She was welcomed back gladly by all
She showed them of her adventure at the waterfalls
Loving her life at that time
Made her feel glad not whinge and whine

She settled well in
She had done it all
She had such fun and freedom
She had a ball  

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