Friday, 15 June 2012

Burnt Blades

Show me where the river flows
She me where the journey starts
Show me love
I will show you care
Emotions so real
So raw so bare

Loving you was so easy to do
Leaving you meant nothing
It was all to easy to do
As we once sat on the river side
You are now on the other side
Waving to me somehow

As the pathway grows back
As I walk down this lonely track
How many times did you promise
That you would never go
If I knew now
That what you said back then

I would have never trusted
Any thing you had to say
You left me hurt and lonely
Torn to the bone
Left me with a shattered heart
A glass house to throw stones

What goes around
Comes around
I truly do believe
On karma you can count on my friend
This you can not deceive
Or leave

So farewell the past
May you find what you were looking for
I hope she makes you happy now
Does she know what she is letting herself in for
So when your glass is half empty
And your in it all alone
Don’t come knocking on my door
You have chosen the path to have plenty

I will find myself someday
As I watch my memories reflect
In the river we once sat by
Were we first sat and left

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