Friday, 15 June 2012

Changing Faces

Angel by day
Devil by night
Freedom was something
She fought back all day
Wanting to fell free as a bird in flight

Walking along in her own skin
She knew she could do it
She knew she could win
As her sudden moves
Changed with in

Racing past all
Who once were winners
She was in control now
She began to sprint
Away from all of them

Leaving behind a shadow of herself
Moving in to the dark evening
Throwing all her cards on the table
She truly had them believing

Let them think I have nothing
In my hands
These thoughts ran through her head
I will catch them all off guard
I have the winning cards

Sure enough she blew them all away
As she left to collect her winnings
She now had started off a time
Of all new beginnings

As morning broke
Her eyes were sore
She smiled as she seen
All the money on the floor

She ran and ran
For miles that day
Nothing or no one
Could take her happiness away

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