Thursday, 21 June 2012

Day Dreaming

Lying in the edge of the rivers bank
Leaning up against it
Like in a large fish tank
She swirled her finger around
Nothing underneath
Not a single sound

As swirls of circles
Formed around her
She didn’t know where to go
Will I just stand here
And watch them go
Will I swim on a little more

Tiny dancing crystals
Of light hit it down
Pulling it away
Taking it from round
Exposing her heart pound

She gasped for air
As she popped up from under the water
Brushing back her hair with her hands
Moving against the current so hard

She let it hold her in place
She swam as if she was in a race
Pushing herself to go more
While going so much
She stopped to explore

As she stood on a huge rock
To dive back in
Eyes appeared from deep within
She was scared at first
What is it
She thought out loud

Suddenly it became clear
It was only a little green frog
He jumped up on the rock
That she had dived from

She was shocked
She was shaken overcome
Ah looking closely at him
She said aren’t you a cute little guy
He said do you think
Was his reply

What did you just talk
This can not be
Yes I did
Oh yes it was me

How listen I can talk
But you don’t listen
You do be too busy chatting
To understand
What I have to say
So I have found my frog
Will you turn into a prince
If I kiss you

No don’t be silly
First comes the talking
Magic may happen some day
Sure give it a go and we will see
As she puckered up
To kiss the frog

Opening her eyes
She finally realised
He was never there
She had just got carried away
On that warm sunny day

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