Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Feeling her Pride

She wore her clothes
She wore them well
They clenched her skin
So very now and then

Image was her thing
Looking her best
Feeling good within
Cover up her secret sin

Which dress will she wear today
Which one makes me feel good
Which one brightens up her day
This one she bought yesterday

Its layers were just like her
So many had a story to tell
She covered them up so well
Life has its pathways of never kiss and tell

She danced to a song
She lit up the room
He turned to her and said
You look wonderful tonight

She looked at him
As if to say
It is all in your head
Not believing a single word he said

Later as time past
She got to know him better
And her layers began
To decrease

She started to trust him more
She started to believe in herself
Not a single layer she wore
That one single night

Feeling good in herself
Nearly gave herself a fright
She now had something
She never had before
He gave her an inner voice
More beautiful than before

Love yourself my dear he said
Look inside yourself
You are your own person now
You are the only one that can help

She turned and thanked him
For filling her life with praise
She knew that some day she would marry this man
From the warm sunny days

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