Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Fighting Gladiator

A fighting gladiator
A woman of the fight
She won many wars
She won the right

Protecting the poor
Taking from the rich
She would steal a mans heart
With in an inch

Taking him off guard
She knew how to use her charms
Covering him
With her muscle torn arms

Shielding herself
Looking so hard
She used her swords of metal
To catch her enemy off guard

Tight clothing grasped her all
Men stopped and were in her honour
She had it all
She held out her hand to those
Would have nothing to give

Feeding the poor from
What ever way she could
As she walked away from battle
After battle

One day could give no more
She was taken off shore
Giving up her fight
Nothing left to give

Eyes closed in
Everything she had lived
Time had caught up with her
She was no longer
A woman of youth

Grey hair filled her head
And pain filled her bones
As she lay for the tide to
Take her away
She had done all that she could

Everyone that she helped
Had wished her on her way
As she closed her eyes
For one last time that day

The queen of the night
Had fought her last fight
Life that she had given
She made everyone else’s life
Worth living

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