Saturday, 2 June 2012

Forever After

Sitting thinking of the past
Of the days gone by
As he looked into her big blue eyes
She surely took his eye

She had stole his heart
So long ago
It all happened on a summer’s day
When his ship came into the harbour
She had taken his breath away

He had never seen such beauty
With hair as auburn indeed
Her capturing walk and bouncy curls
Especially when she twirled

He was afraid to ask her out
But knew if he didn’t soon
Someone else would get there before him
And then his heart would be ruined

He finally picked up the courage
To ask her for a dance
They took the crowd off guard
They drew in an audience

Like ball room dancers would
They carried out in pride
He watched her beauty unfold
As she danced around in a glide

She was lighter than air
Softer than silk
His heart was like a puppy
Everyone watching they did not care

For they were in each others arms
As if no one else was there
They knew they would be together forever after then
As loving eyes they shared
With beating hearts they married
And lived a happy life
As they sat and watched the sun go down
A husband and a wife

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