Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Freedom of the Street

Dancing along the road
To a tune of her own
She knew she was away
In a world of her own

Not minding all that
That was going on
She was to busy
Reaching for the skies

When dust filled her
Shoe ridden feet
She was excited to
Cover them along the street

Feeling free
Feeling the air
On her feet so bare
Nothing to worry
Free and laughter
Oh so rare

As she made her way along
Others soon followed
And listened to her song
Pick yourself up

Don’t be sad
Be happy for what you have
Feel the good
Not the bad

Own yourself
Cover you in love
Look up at the skies
Pull back your curtains
Not heard of

We all many layers
We do not always show them
Make it your day to day
To show all you have got

Do not hide behind closed doors
Do not cover up who you are
Impress yourself and only you
Just be you

As she gathered up a crowd
That believed this was them
They danced to their own song
And knew that they belonged 

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