Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Best friends are there for one another
Always standing side by side
Never hiding their feelings
Never hurting each other inside

They hold each others hands through life
Whether it is friendship husband or wife
They listen to each other
Through the good times and the bad

They understand when you are down
When you are sad
They take the time
To make sure you have everything you need

They don’t run away
They don’t fill their greed
A shoulder to cry on
A ear to listen to

A friend can be your guide in life
We all need one too
If you’re lucky enough to have a good friend
Hold on to them

Even after the years pass by
They will still be there
Offer them the same back
A hood to cover their hard times

A lending hand too
Offer them your time
As they have offered to you
But most of all be there

When things are just as they are
Understand who they are
Do not try to heighten up the
Friendship bar

Wrap your arms around them
Let them know you’re always there
Show them comfort
Show them you care

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