Friday, 8 June 2012

Gold in Streams

In an open land
Of time that almost stood still
Harnessed back from now
To what went on then

What was grassy plain now
Was once of sandy ground
Of where horses once ran
And cowboys shouted out loud

Gunshot saloons
Men falling to the floor
Men been thrown out
Through wooden flapping doors

Whiskey on the bar
Lined up for all
Horses tied up out side
Hills full of stories so far

As children played in open fields
And swam in open lakes
They had the freedom to be themselves
No fancy tools no rakes

As I came across a wooden cart
I wondered had it got age
As I drew and wrote about it
It almost lifted off the page

History of the land
Of all that came before
Life back then was hard enough
But certainly not a bore

Working life was all around
No one ever stood still
Machines were few and far between
Men made tools and discovered gold in streams

So when we look at how far we have come
And how life was back then
Just think of all of the sacrifices
That was made by those women and men

They made it through the hard times
When no food was there for them
When all around there was poverty
No never gave up
Never gave in

Going back to basics
Is what we need to do
Looking inside what you can bring
To your table to

Look inside yourself
See what you can be
You are more than an individual
You are more than the eye can see

We all have the potential
To go and be our all
We are all entrepreneurs
Inside we have the call

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