Sunday, 24 June 2012

Heart of Wonder

If every road contained a heart
If every crack we could prevent
Fill the emptiness
With some cement

Carry your feelings
Hold them inside
Sometimes it is easier
Than having them
Fly away and glide

Like leaves on the tree
Been pulled by the wind
Nothing left
But an empty hard frozen spell

Understand where it is
You want them to go
Do not wait for the love
To come and go

When the snow has settled
And the sun is hidden away
Do not shelter your feelings
Get them out today

Bottling them up can seem
Like the right thing to do
Opening up can sometimes
Be much easier who knew

With butterflies in your tummy
And a bounce in your step
One day you will get there
Just take your time
And then leap

In to a world
Of opening up
Not bottling it up inside
Feel free as a bird in flight
Be your own self
Fly your own kite 

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