Sunday, 10 June 2012

Lingering Skies

Lanterns of the house
Lanterns of the night
Light up the sky
Make way for my fear
Do not delay

Perched up on lamp posts
Up on shoe string wires
Holding up the barely seen
Pedicles of foggy river plight

Hungry are the shadows
That lurk along the winters trail
Lonely are the ones that walk alone
Like snails

Running for shelter
In from cold and rain
Warm us up inside
The lanterns once again

Frost bitten fingers nipped to the bone
By the cold snapping weather
That has come once again
Wake in the morn

To the winter sun
Barely glowing its warmth that is felt
Rustic leaves cover the ice laneways
Hands once covered by sun cream
Now by a glove

So as the fog lingers
Over the river of calm
Hold on to
Mother natures lending arm

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