Friday, 29 June 2012

Oh the Weather

Submerged in clouds
That hangs around in the grey
Understanding no not them
They are ruining your day

Leaving us feeling
Not quite ourselves
Hoping that cloud bursts
Will hide away back on shelves

Carrying me off
To where the skies are blue
Where nothing else moves
But the clouds that are few

Shadowing trees
With coconuts
Clear waters running
Filling our thirst

Pools that hear laughter
Instead of puddles that feel pain
Oh no here it is again
So the weather man is saying
Yes ladies and gentleman
More rain more rain

A hammock would be nice
To sleep and rest through
Instead may make do with a blanket
Or a soft pillow too

Fire been lit
In the back ground half blowing candle wick
Hot air cold air
Just cant sleep

Maybe tomorrow
The sun will try to peep
Climbing out through the rolling clouds up high
Turning grey into blue
As hard as it may try

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