Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Pearls of strive

Standing alone
Holding on to something
That was never known
She held her breath
As she jumped in
Below her dept

Water that always
Seemed shallow
Caught her off guard
Something’s in life
You can disregard
She had held her final card

As she ran to her final post
After passing her light to all
Who waited for her
She gave to others
Like no one before

With nothing left
Only a tiny sparkle of dust
Opening up
Was her curse
Tucked away in her chest
Was a secret purse

Flushing all
That was held within
She had led a life of the past
Knowing she would someday win

Let me free
Set me free
She called out
As she ran the race of her life
Her light it shone out

Happiness once again
Filled her face
Applauding from the stands
Gave her fight and flight
To go that extra mile
Everyone was on their feet
Pushing her all the way

Targeting herself to towards the last lap
She was tired worn out
Feeling like she was about to snap
Not wanting to give in
Like all the times before

She pushed herself
Her feet into the ground
The floor
Passing others out
With the line just in sight
Her heart was beating faster
Than light

Rolling in over the finishing line
She exhaled one last breath
She was exhausted
Worn out feeling full of sweat
She had won she knew
The crowd took to their feet
Holding her in their thoughts

She was a winner that day
For the rest of her life
She remembered pushing herself
To be the best that she could be  

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