Thursday, 28 June 2012

River bank Tales

Wondering eyes
Solid lips
Skipping over
Sea bed ships

Wondering hands
Sand driven bands
Cold clammy hands
Winters replacing summer

Ferns pop up from
The riverside
Gulls rush overhead
Crickets clicking sounds

Wild flowers
Watch where they grow
Carried by wild birds
Maybe the crow

Flying swooping
Overhead like the drifting snow
Putting on a performance
Putting on a show

Festivals in the air
Concerts play out
Music is everywhere
Laughter contagious

Waterfalls tiny but a delight
We watch how
It drifts over like a poetical
Of glow

Hugging trees
Bash slightly together
Ringing silence in our ears
Hungry men
Like wild bears

Dancing music fill our lives
With cheer
Watching over the current rivers
Catching fish for mothers dinner

Table set oh so neatly
Waiting for the gang
To burst through the door
Each one chatting away
As she stands back proudly

Of her loved ones
Talking about their journey
Of how they ventured off to explore
Catching smiles
As she washes off the dinner plates
They want to ignore

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